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Between Jan to Mar 2017, 89% of adults in the UK had recently used the internet, up from 88% in 2016. Virtually all adults aged 16 to 34 years were recent internet users (99%), in contrast with 41% of adults aged 75 years and over. 90% of men and 88% of women were recent internet users, up from 89% and 86% in 2016. Recent internet use among women aged 75 and over had almost trebled from 2011.
The internet was used daily or almost daily by 82% of adults (41.8 million) in Great Britain in 2016, compared with 78% (39.3 million) in 2015 and 35% (16.2 million) in 2006. In 2016, 70% of adults accessed the internet ‘on the go’ using a mobile phone or smartphone, up from 66% in 2015 and nearly double the 2011 estimate of 36%.

A good website can have a profound impact on your business. Our aim is to deliver a professional, logical and effective website to give you a global presence on the Internet that would rival any of your competitors. We offer a personal service covering:

  • Custom, bespoke website design and development
  • Content management
  • Free .co.uk domain name
  • Photography
  • Email accounts
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Hosting
  • Expert technical support
  • Visitor statistics and marketing reports
  • Logo design & branding

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